Kreyòl Moden: Modern Creole Language




Learn and improve your Haitian-Creole Skills effectively.
This work is a collaboration among three Haitians:
Ms. Mickel-Ange Bernier, Haitian living in Haiti and UEH student. Dr. Cécile Accilien, Chair of the Interdisciplinary Studies
Department at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.
Dr. Jowel C. Laguerre, Adjunct Professor of Haitian-Creole at the University of Kansas and The State University of New York at Buffalo.
The book is a comprehensive tool to learn Haitian-Creole in a systematic way and to learn about Haitian culture, customs and the beauty of the Haitian people that has earned the country the title of the “Pearl of the Antilles.”
The 459-page book covers vocabulary in contexts as well as the grammar of Haitian-Creole with exercises. It addresses some of the difficult topics to understand in the language and provides a great number of proverbs and a glossary. The manuscript was used to teach a variety of students and thus, is well tested to be used in the classroom.
Dr. Jowel C. Laguerre, the main author and the Institute founder, has been teaching Haitian-Creole for more than three decades. He attended École Normale Supérieure in Haiti and completed his graduate studies at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. He was dean, vice president, president and chancellor at several community colleges throughout the United States. He now leads the Institute.

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