KREYÒL MODÈN Modern Haitian-Creole Language

Kreyòl Modèn is one necessary piece in the building of the Haitian-Creole language. It helps those (Haitians) who never learned to read or write the language in school to catch up quickly and get ahead

Kreyòl Modèn has its origin from the early work Dr. Freeman and Dr. Laguerre started at the University of Kansas in 1982. The book evolved from a manual to teach a few lessons with limited exercises to a full 500-plus-page book complete with vocabulary, glossary, conversations, grammar, proverbs and cultural notes.

Joining Dr. Laguerre in the effort were Dr. Cecile Accilien and Ms. Mickel-Ange Bernier.  Ms. Bernier provided a day-to-day context on Haiti as the language vocabulary evolves almost daily. The book has gone through many iterations as the manuscript was used to teach several groups of students whether private or through the universities where Dr. Laguerre teaches. The book greatly benefits from Dr. Laguerre’s frequent visits to Haiti and his involvement with fellow Haitians.

The book is divided into two parts: Beginners and intermediate and can be repeated for advanced. As students progress, they can graduate into readings in the language and take on complicated work like Pèlen Tèt, istwa Ayiti and learn more about the regional and educational variances in the language. 

It is a tremendous tool for individuals of Haitian heritage who want to standardize their Creole or learn it if they had not done so before. It is a textbook, a practical guide, and a reference all Creolists should own.

Together with the book is an institute to help those who need help reaching proficiency in the language.  Enstiti Kreyòl Modèn provides practical access to the language and recording of all the lessons.

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