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Expected achievements for Level 1 Certification

– Achieve pronunciation proficiency.
– Hold conversations to meet primary needs and functions.

– Know the basic Haitian grammatical rules.

– Learn basic facts about Haitian culture.

– Know basic facts about Haitian history.

– Know the importance and depth of Haitian proverbs.

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Expected achievements for Level 2

  • food, weather, education, culture, transportation.  
  • spirals back to some of the previously learned or touched upon concepts from the previous level, for examples: abbreviated forms and how to handle them, 
  • the different tenses tied to the shortened forms of the pronouns, 
  • reintroduction asking questions, but going deeper into information questions; 
  • mastery of “kisa”, “kisa ki”, “kimoun”, “kimoun ki”, etc.
  • revisiting the definite articles, but this time within a compound noun phrase;
  • more readings and understanding of Haitian systems;
  • dedicated chapter to technology;
  • some of difficulties of the language (ak, e, placement of adjectives before or after a noun).


Level II goes beyond the routine to enhance and uplift the knowledge of the learner to be more proficient and native sound.

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