LEVEL 1 |mhcli

Pronunciation, spelling, and readiness to speak.

The levels progress as you grow your knowledge and understanding of the Haitian Creole language.  Let’s take a look at the levels below. 

LEVEL 1 | part I

(Nivo 1 | pati I)

These concepts are easy to learn and essential to be efficient in the language. They also provide a high level of understanding of the incredible wisdom of the early Haitians.
  • Sounds – pronunciation Use of pronouns: I, she, you, etc.
  • Use of possessive adjectives: my, your, their, etc.
  • Introduction of numbers 0 – 100 (fascinating consistency)
  • Greetings

LEVEL 1 | part II

(Nivo 1 | pati II)

Learning takes place in a context and with ample repetitions to absorb the language as natives do.
  • Ways to say “the” and “a, an” in Creole; the easiest of all romance languages.
  • Asking and answering questions requiring yes or no answers: Simplest of many languages.
  • Counting from 101 – 1000.

LEVEL 1 | Part III

(Nivo 1 | pati iiI)

The simplicity of the verbs allows for easy communication. All concepts are framed in a dynamic way of learning.
  • Expansion of greetings as a culture: allowing students to understand its importance.
  • Concepts of time, age and expressions of demonstration (this, that, etc): All built within the culture.
  • Learning verbs: No language is spoken without its verbs. The framers of the language made it a simple proposition. Nothing to memorize and is the simplest of languages to learn.
  • The proper way to use emphasis and command/order/command.
  • Master “se” and “ye”.

What You'll Learn

The courses build on each other and learners always have a sense that they are progressing. At this first level we master the following: